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About Us

Growing up in the millenial generation, saving money was promoted in every household. But unfortunately, the 90's are long gone. In the 21st century, the rate of inflation depletes your savings with each passing year, and the interest rates provided by the banks is still less than that of inflation. What's the solution then?

Investment. Investing your money into the market is the key to financial freedom, and Stock Market is the doorway to investing. "But, isn't that risky?"  
Putting your time, money or energy into anything you don't understand is always a risky deal, with the odds stacked against you. But armed with the knowledge about the market, stocks and the game of investing, you can stack the odds in your favor, based on your financial goal and the time limit you assign to the said goals.

We here at Technically Random provide curated knowledge collected after intense research from all the data available from all sources, so that you have nothing but the best at your disposal: Courses On Stock Market, Affiliate Links, and The Latest Info about the Best Stocks in the Market.

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